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I bought this for my daughters ninth birthday and it was perfect. Very sturdy little wooden pieces. The difficulty was perfect for her age.

Jackie Richmond

I have bought a few of these puzzles and absolutely love them. They take a little more time to put together because of the shapes of the pieces but that’s what makes it fun! These puzzles are so beautiful I have actually glued one together and attached a magnet to keep it on my fridge on display!


Very beautiful art to enjoy while assembling a puzzle. Your puzzle fans in this created a new challenge. Great gift.

Barbara Cain

I didn't want the puzzle to be too easy to make. This puzzle meant my expectation of challenging and also a pleasant subject. I really like the small box the puzzle came in.


This is a puzzle for people who do puzzles as a hobby . Puzzle is made of actual wood and not your average flimsy cardboard pieces. Very Challenging and a very cute with some of the puzzles as little animals .


This is a very fun puzzle to work. Unique pieces with amazing colors.


But as a gift for a coworker, who loves tie-dye, and turtles. And absolutely perfect gift, she loved it!

Susan McDonnell

These are fun but challenging puzzles with unique shaped pieces including shapes of animals you’d find in the ocean. Makes a great gift for someone that loves puzzles. Be aware that there are some small pieces that aren’t easy to pickup.